MERIDIS Terms of use



The participation in special excursions by sea and by land, diving excursions, sports courses, diving etc. is at one's own risk. We want to point out that neither the boats nor the diving equipment nor the participation in diving related activities are covered by any insurance. It is up to the individual participant to provide for his/her own insurance.

Although many insurances also offer diving as part of their insurance, coverage of transportation to the hyper baric treatment centre (recompression chamber) and hyper baric treatment itself is often not included! We therefore recommend divers to bring a valid DAN (Divers Alert Network) insurance (or equivalent) with them, explicitly stating that the above-mentioned treatment and transportation is included.



Everybody taking part in the following package offered by the diving-base is obliged to observe the following rules. Any offence may result in exclusion without any compensation. In case of accidents due to disobeying the following rules, any damages or expenditure for rescue will have to be paid by the diver personally. In addition to the usual diving security rules, the following precautionary measures have to be obeyed.



Diving on your own is strictly prohibited;

Always be sure you drink plenty of water before and after each dive;

Prior to diving discuss the planned diving excursion with your partner and inform yourselves of each other's diving experience. Review the most important underwater diving signs.

If you have lost your partner (or group) do not look for him/her longer than 1 minute, after that you will meet each other at the surface again;

Never let your life depend on your equipment; triple security is better than double security, single security is unscrupulous!

Survey the pressure of your tank frequently via the pressure gauge.

Diving with an alternate air source (e.g. "octopus") is mandatory.

Diving with a diving computer is mandatory.

For safety reasons, every diver or dive-buddy must carry a signaling device/surface marker in their BCD. If you are not in the possession of this signaling device/surface marker, then the dive centre will provide you one free of charge for the duration of your stay.

Our diving equipment and compressors are constantly maintained and controlled; nevertheless before every dive, check your aggregate and personal equipment.

Only dive when in good health and never dive under the influence of medicine or alcohol.

Before diving, make sure you know all the peculiarities of your diving place such as position of reef edge, direction of current and weather.

Decompression dives are prohibited. Remember that a repetitive dive may bare the risk of a deco-dive. You should master the decompression table. When using a dive computer, always stay a few minutes above the no-decompression limit and avoid bounce diving.

Have at least 30 bar of tank pressure when you surface.

Do not dive deeper than 30 meters.

Total dive time for boat dives is one hour.

Always include a safety stop at 5 meters for at least 3 minutes at the end of each dive.

No dives should be made at arrival and departure dates.