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MERIDIS Dive and Relax are a team of experienced and professional PADI dive instructors. The on-site training covers the entire pallet of PADI courses and we also provide all study materials for each and every course. MERIDIS use the newest instruction techniques, in order to assure a learning experience as pleasant as possible.


One of our slogans is “to treat each diver as a private student”. This means that at Meridis we never have more than two students with one dive instructor. This guarantees a maximum security, and the instructor can optimally work with the student and the specific needs and desires.


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Before the start of the course, the instructors will teach the correct breathing technique while under water. Why do we say »correct« breathing? Calm and relaxed breathing not only helps reduce stress and uncertainty, but also helps efficiency in the water by using less air, fewer weights, and thereby improving buoyancy. In summary, we guarantee a stress-free course, which we do in a meticulous manner, but with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment!


Try Dive

The first time it feels strange. The mask and the unusual equipment feel a bit heavy on the back. You enter the water and just dip the face under the surface. You breathe for the first time underwater. After a short time you forget you are wearing a mask. The equipment suddenly appears light and easy, with a freedom you′ve never experienced before. With this first breath underwater the door opens to another world! After a short theoretical introduction we accompany you into our lagoon, where you will take your first breaths under water in knee-deep water completely relaxed and stress-free. It′s fun for young and old, and all who are comfortable in the water. Try it, diving is fun!


Dive Now

This new system of programming makes it possible to participate in any diving course, at YOUR convenience! Both theoretical and practical parts of the courses automatically count towards the whole certification. That allows you to continue the training in the future, without having to repeat portions that you have already completed. This option is ideal for short or family holiday-makers, or if you cannot finish your course due to illness.


Discover Scuba Dive

This program is for anyone that wishes to have a single diving experience without having to commit the time and effort for a full course. You will have your first dive experience under the direct guidance and supervision of a PADI dive instructor, to a maximum of 12 meters! You will see, this unique experience will leave you »addicted« to diving!


Scuba Diver

This is the first step to a Open Water dive certificate. After five training dives and three theory classes you may dive world-wide under direct supervision up to 12 m depth. You can continue your training at any time, in order to make the Open Water Diver certificate.



Now children are able to have their first dive experience in the lagoon (or swimming pool) in a maximum of 2 meters depth. Here they become acquainted with the underwater world under direct professional supervision. In order to mimic the »adults« we have full dive equipment in child sizes for future divers. If your youngster is at least 10 years old and so enthusiastic that he/she doesn't want to get out of the water, then you could surprise them with the gift of a Junior Open Water Course (see OWD course for description).


Open Water Diver

This course consists of three segments::

Swimming pool (or confined water) training dives

Development of knowledge of
Dive Theory

Open water dives

The fun begins immediately with five shallow-water training segments, in which you put into use basic dive knowledge, and become familiar with the equipment and general diving experience. This forms the »basis« for the future dive education and learning. In five study modules you will develop the theoretical knowledge, which you will strengthen by viewing a video, reading the manual (or eLearning), and with the explanation of the dive instructor. But don′t worry, we promise you won′t be »glued to a library bench«, we are fully aware that you are on holiday and we want you to enjoy it!

The highlight of the Open Water Diver Course is the four open-water dives, which are the final qualification of your training, and serve as the foundation for further diving experiences. Perhaps you will come »face to face« with an enormous devilfish or hover in a massive school of snappers, or have the good fortune to observe a passing manta ray! The Open Water Diver Course normally takes 4 days, and at the end of the course you will be authorized to dive anywhere in the World, in the company of a dive-buddy up to 18 meters depth.


Advanced Open Water & Specialties

This is the ideal way to attain additional practical experience in various diving environments. For example, you may have made several diving excursions, but so far had little or no experience with currents, or you may still have difficulty with buoyancy at certain depths. With the additional training the Advanced or Specialty courses offer, you will develop the diving talents and discover new worlds underwater. The Advanced course and Specialties offer an abundance of new and exciting possibilities. For example, experience the fascination of a diving excursion at night. Or, with the help of a compass, plan and accomplish your own dive excursion. Use an underwater camera to take snapshots of the adventures and surprise your friends at home. The Advanced Open Water Diver course contains two obligatory dives (deep and navigation), plus three additional dives of your choice such as current / drift diving, underwater photography, or underwater naturalist. This practical Advanced Open Water Diver course contains detailed briefings and debriefings to each dive specialty, and on the basis of chapter review questions will demonstrate the theoretical knowledge. This course does not have any examination and can be undertaken directly following the Open Water Diver course, usually in only 2 days.


Enriched Air - Nitrox

The foundation of this course is mainly based on theoretical considerations for diving with »enriched air«. The extension of dive time at a given depth, healthier and »fitter« diving, as well as reduced absorption of nitrogen in the tissues are only some of the advantages of Nitrox diving. All MERIDIS instructors are consistently diving with Nitrox, so let that be proof enough!


Emergency First Response

The Emergency First Response course is an innovative first aid program, with comprehensive training in primary care (CPR) and secondary-care (First Aid). The secondary-care course (first responder) knowledge, which is important during an emergency, explains how to proceed if no medical emergency service is present. This training course is a prerequisite for the Rescue Diver Course, and takes one day.


Rescue Diver Course

Deepen the diving abilities with the Rescue Diver course. There is no better way to increase the diving skills than participating in this dive course, so that you can quickly recognize when other divers have problems, and how best to alleviate them. This is the first course in which you are not only looking after yourself, but rather focusing on the well-being of others. You will learn how to effectively assist in all emergency situations which can only add to your diving skill and quality. The subject matter of the course is to be taken very seriously, but the administration of the course itself guarantees a lot of fun, too! In several realistic scenarios you will learn how to treat a diver in an emergency situation with medical oxygen, and react to various dive emergencies both above and below the surface. The Rescue Diver course is must for all active divers and usually lasts approximately 4 days.



This course is the first step in becoming a dive professional. This training program allows you to supervise other certified divers, as well as support a diving instructor by assisting in the administration of a particular course. To accomplish it effectively, the Divemaster course should take at least 2-3 weeks′ time. The student will assist the instructors with courses, draw underwater maps, learn how to give briefings, and lead a group of certified divers, among other activities. In addition, you will learn how to organize a dive and prevent problems before they occur. All in all, the Divemaster course provides outstanding preparation for a diving career, and if followed carefully, should lead to full-time employment as a dive professional. To begin Divemaster training you will need a minimum of 40 logged dives. To complete the Divemaster certification a minimum of 60 logged dives are required.

All course descriptions are followed in normal succession. You may find all our course fees listed in the Price Listing.