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The Maldives have year-round constant temperatures, owing to their proximity to the equator, with a maximum of 31-36ºC and minimum 23-26ºC. The climatic air humidity (80%) and water temperature (28-29ºC) also remain constant throughout the year.
In the Maldives hot and tropical climate prevails. There are two Monsoons in the Maldives: the southwest monsoon from May to October, and the northeast monsoon from November to April. The southwest monsoon normally brings windy and rainy weather in June and July. However, these rainy periods have arrived rather late over the last several years. Unfortunately, this makes precise weather predictions difficult. During the rainy season the days often begin very bright and sunny, but the afternoons become progressively cloudy, and in late afternoon or evening it can rain quite violently. The best vacation period normally is between the months of November and April. The probability of rain drops and thus provides for clearer waters. The temperatures may fall at night, but rarely under 25ºC. The Maldives have the ideal tropical maritime climate, with a generally pleasant environment and consistent water temperatures.
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