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General Health
The Maldives are considered a very safe country for tourists, and usually there is no need to visit the in-house Resort physician during your stay. Yellow fever inoculation is prescribed, if someone is coming from an infected area. Malaria does not represent a danger in the Maldives and thus there are no inoculation regulations for the island chain.
Suggestions for the personal travel pharmacy would include a broad- spectrum antibiotic, nose drops, commercial pain tablets, SPF 30 sunscreen, and a skin disinfectant.
It′s recommend that snorkelers and divers bring antibiotic ear drops! The waters are teeming with plankton, and therefore, those with sensitive ears are particularly susceptible to ear infections. Regular rinsing of the ears with fresh water can also prevent possible infection. It′s recommend that you get a full health check-up in order to obtain a dive-sport Physician′s Certificate. New and beginning divers will be made aware of any problems concerning ear equalization.
dive-sport-medical certificates:
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Medical Statement Form, english(pdf)
Medical Examination Form Padi, english (pdf)
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