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Before the start of the course, the instructors will teach the correct breathing technique while under water. Why do we say »correct« breathing? Calm and relaxed breathing not only helps reduce stress and uncertainty, but also helps efficiency in the water by using less air, fewer weights, and thereby improving buoyancy. In summary, we guarantee a stress-free course, which we do in a meticulous manner, but with an emphasis on fun and enjoyment!
Try Dive
The first time it feels strange. The mask and the unusual equipment feel a bit heavy on the back. You enter the water and just dip the face under the surface. You breathe for the first time under water. After a short time you forget you are wearing a mask. The equipment suddenly appears light and easy, with a freedom you′ve never experienced before. With this first breath under water the door opens to another world! After a short theoretical introduction we accompany you into our lagoon, where you will take your first breaths under water in knee-deep water completely relaxed and stress-free. It′s fun for young and old, and all who are comfortable in the water. Try it, diving is fun!
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