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Montag, 7. Dezember 2015 
November is the month of hello’s and goodbyes. Our lovely directors Uwe and Andrea flew in from Germany for a well-deserved island escape. Mohammed also paid us a visit making the Meridis Family almost complete. It was an amazing two weeks of fun diving, underwater photo shooting, local island fish BBQ and Pizza fiestas, and not to mention coffee and cookies late into the starry night. Denise also escaped for a long holiday back to Singapore for some family vacations and we can’t wait for her return in January. Previous Instructor Cris, now the future base manager arrived in the early days of November and has been working hard at her training to be the amazing manager we know she will be.
November was a quiet month but it allowed us to prepare for the high season coming up. We have been busy servicing the regulators, getting new boutique items set up and doing some “winter” cleaning and tidying around the dive center. It was also the perfect month to finish up some of the hotel staffs diving courses. Big congratulations to Bruce, Anna and Ingrid for completing their Open Water Course with Instructors Roman and Iru. We had such an amazing time teaching you guys and know without a doubt you will one day become great divers. And another big high five to Chun Lin, whom after two months has finally finished his Advanced Open Water with Instructor Iru, we sure had a lot of laughs and giggles under the sea. At the beginning of this month we had Philipp and his mother Petra from Germany joining us for a week of underwater adventures. Philipp decided to do his Advanced Open Water and Nitrox Specialty with Instructor Denise while his mother, after doing a Discover Scuba Diving with Instructor Sandy, then decided to complete her Scuba Diver course! At the same time, Konstantine from Russia and his sister Alexsandra also hoped on the dive boats for the Advanced Open Water course and Nitrox Specialty.
As for the diving, I am so happy to announce the return of the Mantas! After the first surprise Manta we had in the early days of the month we were all searching out into the blue on every dive for a glimpse of more and finally towards the end of the month it was full on manta madness! Watching these amazing creatures pass by our widened eyes is just breath taking and unimaginable, I believe it is going to be a great season of mantas this year! For now, the sea has finally calmed down and the water is like a mirror of the sky. No more rainy storms and only sunshine all day every day.

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