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Samstag, 10. Oktober 2015 
Not so Sunny September

It seems like storm season has finally arrived! From crazy down pores that make you think the roof might collapse to a beautiful blue sunny sky in a matter of seconds, this is what we call “rainy season” in the Maldives. But despite the strong winds and slightly rougher seas, our divers are less then put off by a little bit of cloud because we all know that under the big waves not much has changed. In fact, with all the influx of sediments and offshore run off, the underwater marine life are buzzing around with excitement! Not to mention, we also had the super moon towards the end of the month, where we experienced some cold up welling from the deep ocean current, making the ocean even more nutritious!

September began with the return of Susi, Kai-uwe and Katharina from Germany after 2 years away from the island. This time round, Katherina was old enough to begin her scuba diving adventures, completing her Junior Scuba Diver license with Instructor Sandy. The last week of their stay with us was filled with many many family fun times underwater! Sandy and Hiro also got to show off their amazing underwater UV lights to Susi and Kai-uwe on multiple night dives.

Although the weather hasn’t been the sunny paradise we are accustomed to, surprisingly our Chinese guests are still venturing out their dare devil side and joining us on their first Discover Scuba Diving adventure. With all the beautiful smiling faces we are presented with after each person comes out of the water, leaves us with a warm fuzzing feeling inside our wetsuit shaking bodies.

September did however end on a very sad note. Everyone’s all-time favorite instructor Dong Dong finished his contract and we had to say goodbye. There was a lot of hugging and waving and sad faces, not even the delicious goodbye cake and pizza could bring our spirits up. As much as we didn’t want you to leave Dong Dong we hope all your future endeavors come true! See you next time!

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