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Hideaway News
Montag, 13. Juli 2015 
Summer Holidays
And so summer holiday begins for those living in the northern part of the hemisphere, families with kids finally get to enjoy the freedom from classes and homework, free to escape the hectic city lives and volunteer themselves to be stranded on a beautiful tropical island in the Maldives, some would say in the middle of nowhere.

The increase in these island goers means our Meridis team have been turned into a diving kids club! We have been throwing a tank on these young adventurers from the ages of eight to seventeen and taking them into the ocean, to show them and teach them how beautiful it is below the waves and educate them on the importance of protecting the reefs. It’s always a great feeling when we surface and see the happy faces of our divers, whether for the first time or their 100th time.

We have also welcomed back the lovely Stoakley family, Seb, Trudi & Robin, who are what you would call extreme dive enthusiasts! From day two of arrival it has been three dives a day and sometimes even a cheeky night dive! We have had some amazing Thila dives with them, paying a visit to some very big grey reef and black tip sharks. We are sad to be saying goodbye to them tomorrow but until next time, the ocean is big but when you have keen divers, the dive world becomes very small.

One last exciting news… today our manager Hiro will be introducing his family to the island life and we all cannot wait to meet the Yoshida family!

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