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  09.10.2017 13:58:31 Rating:

Dear Lidia and the entire Meridis Dhonveli Team,

I just came back yesterday after having 1 great week on the Dhonveli Island (30th Sep to 8th Oct 2017).
The whole team, under the guidance of Lidia is highly professional and makes you really feel very relaxed according to their slogan "Dive and Relax".
From a warm welcome until a heartly good-bye, the team does everything to fulfill the wishes and expectations.
Thanks again Lidia, Nanne, Nik and the remainig team, you did a great job

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  17.06.2017 12:32:27 Rating:

"Dear Yuko and Kristen,
One tick off my bucket list…
Receiving my Free-diving Card on the 12th May 2017!
Ever since watching the epic movie The Big Blue back in nineties, I have always been fascinated and drawn to anything related to Free-diving.
Well, I can count my lucky stars for leading me to meet Yuko and Kirsten Nolte, free-diving instructors at Meridis Dive and Relax Centre, Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa in the Maldives.
The three disciplines I completed to gain my Free-diving PADI card was the Apnea Static, Dynamic and Constant weight free immersion.
Yuko started from the very beginning with me…breath. This is where I was a little nervous as I didn’t think I could hold my breath for very long. We started by going through the four section breathing. Deep breathing in and out for the count of three. Yuko then demonstrated some diaphragm exercises which I attempted – they took a bit of work. I learnt about and physically did the Nauri breathing technique and the Kaparapati breathing technique to the best of my ability. We then did some yoga stretches. By that time I was a lot more aware of my body and the manner on how I was breathing. Now it was time for the Apnea Static (Holding my breath). We went in the shallow waters on the East side of the Dhonakulhi island. Yuko went through and physically showed me what she wanted me to do. Hold my breath and visualize I am going for a walk along the beach, everything is calm and I am relaxed. I came up to see a big smile on Yuko’s face. I had passed! I had to achieve minute and 30 seconds and I did 1 minute 32 seconds. I did it again and surprised myself even more by holding my breath for 1 minute 53 seconds! I was now officially on my way!
Next step was the Dynamic, that was swimming for 25m underwater holding my breath – Passed! Now I was ready for the free immersion constant weight dive. This was it! Yuko explained and demonstrated duck-diving, we practiced and I soon got the hang of it. Yuko, was so good at explaining everything to me. It was clear what she was expecting from me and encouraged me to keep on doing each exercise until I got it 100% right and I was confident in it. I would watch her demonstrate a dive and then she would watch me dive and then explain where I could do better and would demonstrate again so I could see exactly what she meant. Thank you Yuko for being so patient with me and explaining until I understood and got it right.
All in all I would encourage all scuba divers and anyone remotely interested in the ocean to complete their Free-diving PADI certifi***ion and if you find yourself out in the Maldives, come up to Hideaway Beach Resort & Spa and meet Yuko and Kirsten, believe me it is a life changing course and I can’t wait to get back into the water and feel that freedom that only free-diving can offer.

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